Saturday, November 24, 2007

15th Anniversary of the PA Lottery Christmas commercial

The phenomenon began in 1992. It's 2007 and holding strong. Heck, it'll be able to drive legally next year. I'm talking about the 15th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Lottery Christmas commercial. Yes, that cheesy commercial began during the start of the Clinton administration. The internet for nearly everyone wasn't a word yet.
Email? No.
Cell phone? No.
Calling phone numbers and including the area code? No.
O.J.? Still an NBC sports sideline reporter.
Lindsay Lohan? Just 6 years old.
Britney? In the Mickey Mouse Club.
Me? In 8th grade at Holland Junior High.

Anyway, my point is, this commercial has been recycled for 15 years. The fact that the PA Lottery lets this commercial keep on running year after year is comedy gold!

If anyone sees this commercial air this year...please make a comment and let me know!

Here are my two previous blog posts on my investigation into the Pennsylvania Lottery Christmas commercial.

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Carol H. saw the commercial today! (see comment) Mark the date down, November 27, 2007! This date should be considered historical.


mplant said...

November 16, 2008: It returns!

Tim said...
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Tim said...

With me being in Atlanta, I hadn't seen the commercial this year...until this morning.

I arrived in Philly late Friday night and promptly saw the commercial Saturday morning.

16th Anniversary of the commercial!!

1992 - 2008

mplant said...

Note sure if you're still checking this, but I would like you to know that the commercial lives on yet another year. I saw it on Wednesday, November 18 while watching the Sixers-Bobcats game on Comcast SportsNet

Greg Ralls said...

Yes, the commercial lives on in 2009!

Alicia said...

someone needs to upload a video of this commercial for us "out of towners". I'm not even kidding when I say I miss this commercial, and this is the first time I am not home at any point during the season. I need to see Old Joe!

mplant said...

November 3, 2010: It's back and earlier than I can ever remember. Just saw it a few minutes ago while watching Action News on 6ABC

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to record it!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to record it!

Anonymous said...

yes...please record it and post it on youtube. "Joe" is my Uncle and he lives up in Boston now. Just saw the commercial again this year!

Phillyphan4evr said...

November 10, 2010..6ABC just had it on a commercial and it is classic!!

So glad they keep using it!

Timothy Ballisty said...

Aired on Nov 2, 2011 for the 19th straight year. Amazing.

JaimeMarie said...

Oh, I could have sworn it was older than just 19yrs old! I wonder if they'll do something special for the 20th? My husband and I call the other one in to the room, or on the phone, when we see it for the first time each Chistmas season! Long live Joe! Gus can go scratch, as Nana would say!

Thanks so much for finding out when this gem was first aired!

LG said...

Just saw it for the first time this year today Nov 8, 2012 - on Hallmark Channel, Verizon FIOS in the western Philly burbs. 20 years!!!

Alicia said...

I saw it last week when I was at my parent's house in Jersey, but I'm almost positive they remade the commercial! It was exactly like the old one, but with new people (cast to look just like the old ones). Anyone else see a "new" version of our old favorite?